A CIVIL FORFEITURE IN MCALESTER OKLAHOMA THE RAID OF THE FUNKY MUNKY On July 7, 2014 a joint task force of officers identifying themselves as local, state and federal agents entered the Funky Munky, a novelty store located on Carl Albert Parkway in McAlester Oklahoma. The agents were there to serve a search warrant, and according to that search warrant, they were there to confiscate synthetic controlled dangerous substances as defined by Oklahoma statute (63 O.S. Sec.2-204 (F)), documents that would show the sale and distribution of such substances, and paraphernalia used for the ingestion of controlled dangerous substances. I will not hold the reader in suspense for the entirety of this story; they found no such items, but they did find property and money. The government took this property and money and this is what the story of the Funky Munky is truly about.