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On April 5, 2013, the following article ran in the McAlester News Capital

Two Local attorneys have joined forces and opened the Wagner and Lynch law offices in McAlester and Wilburton. On April 1, Brecken A. Wagner and Blake Lynch partnered together in their law practices. Wagner graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2004 and began his career as a criminal and family law attorney in Oklahoma County. He worked as an assistant general counsel for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services before settling in McAlester in 2007 and joining the Dawson Law office in Eufaula.


In 2010 Wagner started his own law practice in McAlester. “In nearly a decade of practice throughout the state of Oklahoma and Missouri,” Wagner said, “I have accumulated a wealth of civil and criminal trial experience. I see Blake and myself as two ambitious, experienced attorneys that are drawn together by our desire to serve the individual needs of our clients. I cannot be

more excited about what the future holds.”


Lynch is a 2009 graduate from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Since graduating, Lynch has practiced law in McAlester and Wilburton with a focus on civil and criminal law. He worked for Pat Layden’s Law Firm. “In the last several months I have successfully completed three jury trials in Pittsburg and Latimer counties in defense of my clients,” he said. Lynch also practices in tribal court for the Choctaw and Cherokee tribes. “I have also been involved in the local and state Bar association,” Lynch said, “serving as District 2 chair in the Young Lawyers Division and as Pittsburg County Bar President last year when the local bar was selected as the Outstanding Local Bar Association of the Year.”


Blake is an organizer of the Pittsburg County Bar Association’s Annual PAWS 5K-9, set for Nov. 2. HE also volunteers for the Quinton High School Speech and Debate team and is the Corporate Board President for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership organization. “I’m excited to be starting this new venture with Mr. Wagner,” Lynch said. “We both have a unique style and skill set, and between the two of us, we will be able to handle most any case that may affect the citizens of Pittsburg and Latimer Counties, as well as anyone else in the State looking for an advocate to protect their rights.”

We Joined Forces, Look Where We Are now

In the ten years since that article has run, so much has changed, but so much has not. The article
mentions that the two attorneys are to “join forces,” and we wanted to project that image. Both
Blake and I, had established ourselves as “up and comers” individually. We both noticed that we
worked well in court together when we teamed up together to represent a client of Blake’s in a
jury trial in Antlers Oklahoma, before becoming partners.


I look back at that article and the first thing I notice is how proud I am of two things, my
experience, and my goal of doing something I felt was different. First, I was proud of the amount
of jury trials, and big results I had strung together in a little under ten years of practice. Ten years
later, I find myself humbled by what the last decade has taught me. I have experienced so much
in the last ten years that I know now the frivolity of thinking that after ten years of practice you
had seen a lot. After nearly twenty years of practice, I have discovered that I know I still have a lot
to see, and I am nothing but grateful for the experiences I have had, and things I have learned
along the way. As to the second part of my quote, I am extremely proud of how Wagner & Lynch has lived up to that promise. When I said, “serve the individual needs of our clients,” I was trying to say something else in a fancy and (I thought) lawyerly way. Blake and I always had this idea, or mission if you want to call it, to be something very different than what we saw in the legal world.


Coming from a humble and even humbler background prospectively, we wanted to help those
people we knew best and loved growing up. Our heroes and mentors were not folks that had an
attorney on retainer, or even knew one other than to look up a name in the phone book. We
knew “our kind of people” shied away from lawyers, or felt that they were unapproachable. We
set out to change that, and ten years later, that is what I am most proud of. From the moment you walk into one of our offices you will know you are in a different kind of law firm. From our décor, to our friendly and knowledgeable staff, to the way we carry ourselves, it is our goal 100% of the time to serve our clients where they are. Whether you are the CEO of a prestigious corporation, or poor country folk, we will advocate for you, and give you everything we got. We started that together on April 1, 2013, and have not changed since.


As for Blake, the same can be said. He has been in far more jury trials since then. HE has also
come to establish himself as one of the most sought-after family law attorneys in Southeast
Oklahoma, and few can match his knowledge of property and probate issues. In short, Blake’s

growth in the practice of law from what it was when this article was written is exponential and
recognized both inside and outside the state. Some things, however do not change. Blake is still very involved in his community and service in general. He literally started a music festival, and continues to lead or sit on the board of several other organizations and charities. And, boy was he right, we did have a unique style and skill set, and over the last ten years, we have handled just about anything.


In the ten years since we started Wagner & Lynch, we have seen so much change. There have
been babies born, success, tragedy, and everything in between. However, through it all the one
thing that has not changed since April 1, 2013 is the promise, we made to each other to do something great, and I feel like we are making progress there.


-Brecken A. Wagner
July, 2023

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