Help Get House Bill 2962 Passed

My son Bryce was diagnosed with autism in 2014. There were signs before that, and my wife and I began seeking treatment as soon as we started to suspect. Today, Bryce is five, he is still non-verbal, but every day he works toward improvement and integration. This is a result of early intervention and lots of hard work and patience.

Unfortunately Bryce and other children like him could have more treatment, and more therapy, but Oklahoma is one of a very few states that do not mandate ABA therapy and allow caps on treatment visits to insurance companies.

House Bill 2962 could change that. This bill, introduced by Representative Jason Nelson, would require insurance companies to provide necessary treatment coverage to children with autism. Currently children cannot receive ABA therapy under any Oklahoma insurance plan. This law would change that.

Autism can be treated. A person can overcome, but childhood intervention is critical. Today such treatment providers are only found in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Rural areas like SE Oklahoma have little to no opportunities for treatment and therapy. Take it from someone who has driven the hour and a half to Broken Arrow for a 30 minute speech therapy session, and paid cash.

My good friend and partner, Blake Lynch, our families, and the Family at Wagner & Lynch, love Bryce. We do not only want what is best for Bryce, but all of the children on the ASD Spectrum. Please join us and contact your representatives. Be one, and join a chorus to become thousands of voices. Here are some email links, please take one moment and show your support for HB2962.

If you don’t see you Representative or Senator on this list message us, and we will send you their email.

Thank You,

Brecken A Wagner
Bryce’s Dad

Bill Sponsor
Jason Nelson


Donnie Condit

Brian Renegar

Larry Boggs

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