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A felony conviction can destroy families, lives, and careers. For this reason, we treat felony charges as if each one carries the possibility of a life sentence.

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You need a skilled team of Savanna lawyers to help you. Whether you have been charged with a Savanna felony, a Savanna DUI or misdemeanor, or need assistance with an adoption or writing a will, or need representation before Tribal Court, we are here to aid you. Our skilled team of Savanna lawyers will handle the specifics of your case to support you in getting the verdicts you deserve.

Felony Charge

A felony conviction can ruin families, lives, and jobs. For this purpose, we treat felony charges as if each one carries the prospect of a life sentence. At Wagner and Lynch Law, as your Savanna Criminal Lawyer, not only do we explain the process to you and your rights, however we stand by your side along the way while assisting you in understanding and making decisions that best suit your specific situation. We believe it is our duty to be your counsel, your confidant, and your defender. That said the client is always the person directly affected and shall make the final decision in his or her defense. We will defend you; we will be your advocate. Call us your Savanna Lawyers!



A DUI conviction has many penalties; it can cause substantial fines and court costs, a sentence up to a year in the county jail, and can be used as a predicate to a felony. Keep in mind that just because an officer pulls you over and claims that he feels you are under the influence of alcohol does not mean you are guilty of DUI. It is still the burden of the State to prove that you were driving a vehicle on a public road, that the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, and that you were “legally” under the influence of alcohol/drugs. We, Savanna Lawyers, believe that every case should be inspected and analyzed from the moment that an officer turned on his lights to pull you over to how the breath or blood sample was taken.


Family Law

Adoption is life-changing, but the process can be overwhelming. Adoption can be a long and difficult process.  We will assist you and your family to simplify this as much as possible.  We know what the court will require and can aid you in understanding details of both contested and uncontested adoptions. Wagner and Lynch, your Savanna Lawyers, are here to support you.

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Will and Trust

Every person’s circumstances are distinctive. Too regularly we see the misunderstanding and even aggression that may arise when a loved one passes away.  Simple estate planning can be a tool to avoid the mess of contested and often ugly probate proceedings. Where a simple or complex Will may be best for one family, a type of Trust may be more appropriate for another.  We will explain the difference between the two and how they would work for you as your Savanna lawyers.


Tribal Law

Our Savanna law firm possesses the certificate in Indian Law from the Indian Law Policy Center at the University of Oklahoma that allows us to practice law in most Tribal Courts. Not only do many tribes have their own Court systems and regulations, but there are also many controlling federal regulations and considerations. Tribal Law is unique in the State of Oklahoma; not only do many tribes have their own Court systems and regulations, but there are also many controlling federal regulations and considerations. As a member of a Tribal Bar Association an attorney is permitted to argue Tribal Law in front of a Tribal Court. Furthermore, where there is a waiver of sovereign immunity or where sovereign immunity does not exist, cases involving tribal issues may arise in State or Federal Court. When you need help with tribal law issues give your Savanna lawyers a call.


Personal Injury Law

Our clients’ health, happiness and satisfaction is what is important to us. Recovering from an injury can be overwhelming.  Whether you were injured in an auto accident, hurt in a fall on a poorly maintained property, were bitten by a dog, or suffered some other kind of loss due to someone else’s negligence, you want to focus on getting better.  Meanwhile, the bills keep coming and the party at fault or the insurance company may not always take responsibility.  You need someone on your side. Wagner and Lynch is built on trust, character and morals.  We will never settle a case “just to get paid.”


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