THE KENT STATE MASSACRE - 45 YEARS LATER PART II MAY 4, 1970 As the sun rose over the campus on Monday, May 4th, the National Guard remained on there in force. Initially a rally had been planned for noon that day, but Governor Rhodes had effectively banned the rally that was to be held with his statements of the previous day. Although he had never actually declared martial law, his promises to do so seemed to inflame the situation and the protest began to turn from a protest against the war to a protest against the presence of the National Guard. Confrontation was in the air and as the morning drew on the crowds began to gather.

THE INCIDENT AT RUBY RIDGEIMG_0680 I'm going to do a series on an important event in American history, the incident at Ruby Ridge. I have wanted to do this for a couple of reasons, I believe that Ruby Ridge is a poster child for abusive governmental action, and it resulted in one of the finest closing arguments in the history of American jurisprudence.