Have you been involved in an accident or injured due to someone else’s negligence?

McAlester Personal Injury

McAlester Personal Injury

Our clients health, happiness and satisfaction is what is important to us.

Recovering from an injury can be overwhelming.  Whether you were injured in an auto accident, hurt in a fall on a poorly maintained property, were bitten by a dog, or suffered some other kind of loss due to someone else’s negligence, you want to focus on getting better.  Meanwhile, the bills keep coming and the party at fault or the insurance company may not always take responsibility.  You need someone on your side.


Wagner & Lynch is built on trust, character and morals.  We will never settle a case “just to get paid.”  Our clients health, happiness and satisfaction is what is important to us.  We will never settle your claim without your permission.


At Wagner & Lynch Law, as your McAlester personal injury lawyers, we begin every personal injury claim the same.  First, you will need to schedule a consultation or simply walk in.  There will never be any long waiting periods to speak with an attorney or staff member.

During our consultation, we will gather facts regarding your potential claim, for instance, how did the accident occur, where did you seek medical treatment, what were your injuries, etc.  If you decide at that time you would like to retain our law firm to represent you, we will discuss a contingency fee agreement (meaning that you don’t pay any upfront cost, we don’t get paid unless you get paid).  We will then contact all insurance companies and advise them of our representation.  At that point the burden of dealing with the insurance companies is no longer your responsibility, or headache.  Your only responsibility is to get the medical treatment that is needed for you to get well.  Upon completion of your medical treatment, WE will gather all your medical records and bills that have acquired due to the accident, we will never ask you to do any of the leg work associated with your claim. Ultimately, a “demand” package (this includes all pertinent documents relating to your claim) will be submitted to the insurance company for “possible” settlement. McAlester Personal Injury Lawyers here to represent you! Call us today!

McAlester Personal Injury
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